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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order directly from

No, all Mulberry Street clothing is sold exclusively through authorized retailers located throughout the United States and a select few on-line stores. Please use the 'Store Locator' tab to locate the store nearest you.

Does Mulberry Street produce a catalog featuring the latest styles available?

At this time we do not produce a retail catalog. Please visit one of our authorized retailers in your area (use 'Store Locator' tab to locate the store nearest you). You may also see the current line on this website once it has arrived in stores. You may also visit our Facebook page.

Is there a Mulberry Street Children's clothing outlet store?

We currently do not have an outlet store. We plan to have one soon.

The Mulberry Street retailer where I usually shop does not carry the specific size/style that I am looking for. How do I find it?

If your local Mulberry Street retailer does not have the size or style that you are looking for, please ask them if they will take a special order. If your local retailer chooses not to handle special requests, you may contact us at 252-259-2780 or and we will be happy to help you with requests for items from the current season. (We are sorry but we cannot fill requests for products from past seasons.)

What is The Mulberry Street return policy?

If for some reason a Mulberry Street item is defective, please return the item to the retailer where you purchased it. They will in turn contact us. Our policy is to repair or replace items from the current season only.